It’s that time of week again! What have I been working on?

What I’ve been working on

  • Made some changes to the Ruby CLI tool for making HTTP calls to my API… again
  • Worked a bit on a new blog post - “Why I Don’t Like Social Media”. Again, I’ll have to polish this a bit more, before it gets released.
  • … I sent the motherboard, power supply, and a graphics card back.
    • Part of the problem was that there are several Mesa issues with the 19.X release, and potentially XFCE, that caused a large amount of instability. On older Linux kernels, I couldn’t even use the keyboard to decrypt my drive after POST.
  • As a replacement for the above, I now have an Intel NUC, Core i5 8th Gen.
    • I want a machine that is as quiet as possible, whilst still having room for a hard drive and SSD, and enough CPU power that makes sense for the amount of time that I will be using the NUC.
    • The GPU on this NUC really isn’t suited to playing games. It’s enough for video, and multi-monitor support via Thunderbolt 3 is great.
    • In a future version of the NUC, I’d like to see 3 display outputs, no “mini” connectors.
  • I’m thinking of a good blog post idea - more of an analysis of a small section of Robert C. Martin’s “Clean Coder”.

What is happening in the week ahead

  • Make some more changes to the Ruby CLI tool - I’m aiming at getting it finished soon. It doesn’t have a great number of features, but it’ll be an interesting use-case for the API.
    • I’m hoping to make the code open source - so that, at least if I put it out there, there may be some feedback about the implementation.