Woo! It’s been a week since I made my last update, so I should explain what I have been up to:

What I’ve been working on

  • Made some changes to the Ruby CLI tool for making HTTP calls to my API
  • Finished off my blog post for the “Learning Ruby in 2018” (though, at this point, it’s 2019, so… that’s how long I have been sitting on it)
  • I built a new desktop! It uses an APU (the Ryzen 3 2200G, paired with 8GB RAM and a Noctua NH-L9a), and an older case that I used to use, but had since put it into storage. I’m tempted to decorate it with stickers, but I’m not sure I want to ruin the aesthetic just yet.
  • Worked on a new blog-post idea. It’ll be out somewhen soon - I need to polish it a little more though, before releasing it.

What is happening in the week ahead

  • Make some more changes to the CLI application
  • Get some sleep! I haven’t been getting as much sleep, as I’d like to. So, that’d be one aim…
  • One thing I would like to make - is a simple stop-watch application - enter a name for the action, hit start, wait until the timer has finished, then hit stop and upload it. Might be something for when I learn more about Rails, as a starting application. Possibly to also get into WebSockets.